Last 3 evenings for this magic total performance!
Don’t miss out! It has been a blast!
Performances: 5 ° 6 ° 7 DEC

Pläsnt Dschörnie – New Moves, a parafiction in the form of a moving company by the commissioned artist Ethan Hayes-Chute.
With Pläsnt Dschörnie – New Moves, the idea of a functional system, a working force, directly linked with private people’s transitions in life, is explored through a peculiar and playful inner logic; decisions are not made based on their functionality or productivity, but rather on inner fantasies relating to games, power-structures, and the need for processing reality in one’s own personal way.
Visitors are welcome to go in and view logical processes and absurd happenings that make up a regular day of operations. Feel free to move freely according to certain guidelines and protocols and stay as long as you wish.