Very nice on Swedish Radio about Lilith’s PLÄSNT DSCHÖRNIE – New Moves the other day!

Here is some brief clips from the interview with the artist Ethan Hayes – Chute and one of Lilith’s Artistic Directors, Petter Pettersson.
Reporter David Richter from P4 and P1 Swedish Radio.

” It took over 6 month to build up this moving company, and now on Friday the audience are welcome to step into the fiction, like a living movie. We have gone all in to created this image, this living film, this world of a ”real” moving company. If you feel you are entering a backdrop I do not think you would be devoured by the fiction, says Petter Pettersson one of Lilith Performance Studio’s Artistic Directors.

Ethan Hayes – Chute wants to create an alternative world, filled with soft values instead of thinking of profit and to be effective 

” I feel a lot of heart here, says Ethan to the reporter David Richter on Swedish Radio. – The employees are not worried about becoming millionaires, he continues. They are more into their costumers well-being than their own profit”

– PLÄSNT DSCHÖRNIE talks about a criticism of the efficient and profit-oriented society that is gaining more and more space, Petter Pettersson continues.

Listen to the whole program here: 4 min  >>>>.