NO FATE by Emma Pilipon, 2010

💙Sweet December Memory from 2010 💜

NO FATE by fab artist Emma Pilipon @emmapilipon

4 rooms cut in half in a line, 4 actresses are performing a short course of event in their daily lifes over and over again.

No Fate is Emma Pilipon’s own mainstream world, filled with dreams, vanity and self-fulfillment, distilled out of the American pop culture. In four rooms side by side: a TV –studio, a teenage room, a brat apartment, and a bar, the audience observes four parallel stories performed by four women, who are all waiting for, longing for, or actively is trying to reach something better. The women repeats a short course of event over and over again, like favorite film clips taken from TV- series or easily digested Hollywood productions.

Actors: Emma Pilipon, Louise Mullavey @lulu.mushroom , Selma Kjellsson @__selmak__ , @poneli Helena Pataki

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