Beautiful opening last weekend, with a lovely audience, lovely artists and a bunch of super great performers!

We have just edited a conversation with one of the artists; Sareena Sattapon.

See and hear her talk about the new performance ” We are marching towards non-existent”

It has been such a thrill to make this performance come alive!




The review in Sydsvenska →The art critic Christine Antaya wrote 28.4

”A floating woman shows the importance of performance”

”Seeing Essle Zeiss here shows the importance of having an institution where performance becomes not just a spice but the very essence.”

”But for a short while, when the light dims, the wooden scaffolding suddenly resembles temporary housing and something about human fragility crystallizes.”

”Rather, this is an opportunity to reflect on the special nature of the medium, its possibilities and dangers. How hard it can be to predict how meaning arises. In Éva Mag’s work that was shown at Lilith earlier this year, there was a moment when the participants pulled a wax figure out of a plaster mold. It was oddly satisfying to witness the darting and pulling. Same thing with the Essle Zeiss body, it makes me long to feel light, to be lifted. These are small things. But performance art is the art form that can perhaps best highlight our most banal movements and sensations, and give them meaning.”