Thank you Umeå! It’s been AMAZING!!

Game Changer at Bildmuseet last weekend became magical!

Thanks to all Actors, Dancers, lovely Audience, Bildmuseet and Lilith’s Dream Team. It was such a blast.

Next time this weekend during Malmö Gallery Weekend!

Welcome 23-24/9 between 7 -9. Free Entry!!

Review in Västerbottens kuriren –

”On Saturday I return for Game Changer and, wearing a black hood, I am led into the hall where the two-hour work invites the audience. In a mesmerizing soundscape, I take part in an experience that, stronger and more invasive than I’ve been part of in a long time, goes head-to-head with questions about the power of the individual versus the collective, power and protection, resistance and submission. In an uncertain borderland of choreographed rites, interaction, improvisation and coercion, I remain out of a desire to understand the undercurrents; de-identify the people and situations around me. Then I leave the room quickly, realizing that I need to let all the questions remain.” Sara Meidell/ VK