Beautiful REVIEW in STIRWORLD @STIRworld written by Marilena Borriello!!
”Defining Lilith Performance Studio, the project created by Elin Lundgren and Petter Pettersson almost 20 years ago
in a former industrial area of Malmö, Sweden is not a simple task. The complexity arises from its defiance of conventional classification, seamlessly intertwining theatre, visual and performance art.
Rather than favouring one discipline over another, Lilith Performance Studio harmoniously integrates them to curate unique and captivating aesthetic experiences.”
”Indeed, Durational Space #3 highlights the primacy of intuition over intellect.
It acknowledges that dreams can serve as a conduit for experiencing time rather than quantifying it.
In other words,
Abduction and Hades Dream Karaoke facilitate the experience of pure duration, echoing Henri Bergson’s observation
of it being a qualitative journey achievable when liberating oneself from society’s accelerated pace and regimented time.
Within these ethereal realms of expression, these performances established their own temporal and spatial framework,
allowing the spectator to transcend the boundaries of conventional consumption, embracing the profound mystery of the human experience.”