Installing, building, preparing time in the Studio!
Two rooms now in transformation! Fabric, carpet, bar, microphone,backdrops, handmade dolls, bed, poppies, Gods etc

On the 7th march DURATIONAL SPACE #3 will open with two upcoming performances by the star artists

Linnea Hansander – HADES DREAM KARAOKE
Linnea Hansander examines dying in her new performance HADES DREAM KARAOKE , both from a
mythological perspective and in a more concrete questioning of how we die today,
and how big part we ourselves are involved when we are dying.

HADES DREAM KARAOKE is a karaoke bar in the realm of the dead,
between night and day where the twin gods Sleep and Death dream numbed by poppies and song.
Sleepless guests who don’t want to go home drink, sing and wonder how to cope with the
death of others and their own.

Tova Mozard – ABDUCTION
In an attempt to map out who she is and how her identity has been formed, Tova Mozard
immerses herself in this new work into her subconscious. In two parallel events;
one that takes place in the room and one that is documented on film,
she lies on a bunk blindfolded, vulnerable and exposed.

During the process, she comes across memories, questions and strong emotions connected to
her mother and father, but also to her own parenting and role as an artist.
Issues of inherited grief about what is passed on to the next generation
and how to find oneself beyond all survival mechanisms are topics that are explored more deeply.

The moving images in this performance is also a part of Tova Mozard’s up coming
eature film GRACELAND produced by Mantaray Film