So fantastic experience to show LPS’s production MIN TOTALA NJUTNING in Stockholm as part of Scenkonstbiennalen 2023 ( Performing arts biennale)
Full house all performances, great audience and great place, Orionteatern; to build up this massive installation!

Thank you all involved and all lovely magic performers!

You rock the house.


Min Totala Njutning captivates audiences for several compelling reasons, with the remarkable abilities of its twenty-five participants standing out.” ”

Their mastery and unwavering focus throughout the performance defy the need for a background in the performing arts. While their choreography is entirely improvised, their seamless harmony creates a unified, continuous, and magnetic flow that captivates the observer.”

” Furthermore, Elin Lundgren and Petter Petterson’s accurate calibration of all the individual elements deserves recognition. Min Totala Njutning is a sophisticated blend of theatre, performance art, poetry, and operatic and electroacoustic music. From an aesthetic standpoint, the performance exudes the qualities of a series of paintings or living tableaux vivants, where chromatic relationships are thoughtfully distributed. The blue neon light redefines the plasticity of the figures, while subtle touches of red light emanating from LEDs integrated into modern sneakers and phosphorescent bracelets bring the tableaux to life. Like skilled brushstrokes, these red points of color on the “blue surface” activate the optical blending of colors, creating a vibrant violet vibration that undoubtedly influences the observer’s sense of attraction and repulsion.

Elin Lundgren and Petter Petterson deeply understand human perception, skillfully capturing and directing the viewer’s gaze. However, they employ this talent judiciously to enhance the observer’s experience, fostering intimacy, immersion in the present moment, and a profound connection with their inner selves. Min Totala Njutning is a testament to their ability to create an authentic and exploratory performance that leaves a lasting impact.

/ WRITTEN BY Marilena Borriello


Idea and Concept: The artist duo LILITH in collaboration with the poet Daniel Mårs
Text: Daniel Mårs
Directing/Installation/Costume/Light: Konstnärsduon LILITH
Composer: Philip Gleisner
Opera Soloist: Paulina Pfeiffer
Choir: Soprano: Maja Lundmark Alto: Hanna-Maria Strand Tenor: Joar Sörensson Bass: Daniel Åberg
Pole dancer: Selma Kjesen

Participants: Daniel Mårs, Elin Lundgren, Erik Wall, Elisabet Stengård, Birgitta Hult, Lo Pettersson-Lundgren, Inna Pettersson-Lundgren, Vilma Linton, Selma Kjesen, Filip Jönsson, Axel Berger, Mikael Dahlqvist Fuchs, Olivia Klang, Thomas Hiljeborn, Faïka Ammar, Helena Ricci, Finon Alkabawi, Hanna Knutsson, Irene Stenberg, Louise Zurawski, Kaisa Malmborg, Joakim Carlsson, Alma Edvall Bons, Susanna Edvall Bons

Production: Lilith Performance Studio