After two weeks  of preparation in hot and rainy monsoon weather Lilith’s artistic Directors Elin Lundgren and Petter Pettersson are getting ready to perform  two performances – ”The Harmonica Boy and the Island” and ”Miracle Line”!

With help from 25 GREAT Indonesian particpants and one GREAT Swedish participant, the performances are  getting to come alive. Tomorrow it will be the last rehearsal before the International Performance Event – Undisclosed Territory # 10 – on 3-4 Dec at Studio Plesungan.
Tomorrow, DEC 1, Elin Lundgren and Petter Pettersson will give a lecture at Faculty of Art and Design, University of Sebelas Maret Surakarta and talk about their artistry.

Lundgren and Pettersson have worked in different forms of visual- and performing arts since 1999, they are the founders of the acclaimed Lilith Performance Studio in Malmo. With Island in the Sun they do their largest collaboration ever.In works that touches upon alienation, violence and failures they accumulate their pieces like living pictures. An absurd raw humor encounters a bare documentary narration. Lundgren and Pettersson’s intention is obviously political but without pointing out a certain direction. Their common interest lies in the warped and unfulfilled. Both throw light upon universal questions about loss and sorrow in their respective artistry.

”The Harmonica Boy and the Island” is a continuation of their performance ”Island in the Sun” shown in Malmo, Aug 2016. ”Miracle Line” is a new piece created after workshops at the Studio Plesungan.

Images from last week – Rehearsal at Studi Plesungan with a wonderful gang!!!