Today we launch tickets to next performance at Lilith in May!

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ANIMAL – Lilith’s new major performance by Elin Lundgren and Petter Pettersson in collaboration with the musician Cecilia Nordlund.

Imagine that Lego would produce a model called ”rock club”. A small package of everything you need to enter the fiction, rock club; stage, a band, sound, light, bar and audience.
Inside Lilith Performance Studio in Malmo, this rock club model is now built up in scale 1.1.

The rock club with its unspoken rules; predetermined dramaturgy, directed spontaneity and, not least, its permissive attitude to dramatic excesses and ecstatic states, has long been a place where Lundgren and Pettersson thrive and can feel passionate fellowship with.
With the power fields generated at a rock club, they want to make visible and simultaneously dissolve the boundary between fiction and reality, actor and viewer.

ANIMAL is collaboration with the Malmo based musician Cecilia Nordlund – She is maybe best known as the front figure in the alternative rock band Souls in the 90s.
Now she is current with the band Fullmånen från Helvetet (Full Moon from Hell) who released their first full-length album ”Åska & Blod” (Thunder & Blood) Nov 2018.
Listen to their great music


Date: 9-11, 16-18 & 24 May, 2019
Open Hours: 19:45 – 22:30
The audience will be booked in different time slots from: 19:45 – 21:30
The ticket(s) must be paid after you have received a confirmation, to be valid.
You get all further information needed when you book.