We are proud to announce that one of Liliht’s solo production Enough About You (2011) by Einat Amir will be presented at
MAXXI | Museo nazionale delle arti in Rome on  15 – 16  October.

Enough About You had it’s London premiere one year ago at TRIAD: Toward Regional Integration of Artistic Development and now it is time to show it at  MAXXI Museum, the last step on an ongoing collaboration between  Lilith Performance Studio, TRIAD and MAXXI Museum.

 ” – When did you last have an intimate conversation with a complete stranger?”

Enough About You  – a participatory performance by artist Einat Amir will have its

In recent years our possibilities for socialization have changed and have been simplified thanks to the media that facilitate contacts.
Einat Amir’s performance creates a workshop in which we can observe an “authentic” encounter between two strangers, controlled and guided by a voice.
The Azione – Interazione project has been produced with the contribution of the Amici del MAXXI
Enough About You was produced in 2011 at the Lilith Performance Studio Malmö, Sweden. With the support of TRIAD: Towards Regional Integration of Artistic Development, Artis Grant Program.


Teaser of Enough About You edit by Einat Amir

Enough About You teaser 2016 from einat amir on Vimeo.