Today Mr Bernard Akoi-Jackson and Madame Odun Orimolade will talk about their artistry at Inter Arts Center in Malmo.

Come and Join the at 7 pm. Free Entry!


Next week they will show their grand performances during WATA don PASS; Looking West – performance event at Lilith!

Bernard Akoi-Jackson (b.1979 lives and works in Tema/Accra, Ghana) examines recurrent hybrid postcolonial identities, through temporary markings and performative rituals. He often presents himself as the elusive God Eshu, the messenger between gods and humans.

Odun Orimolade’s (b.1976 lives and works in Lagos, Nigeria) practice spans a broad artistic field with painting, drawing, collage, etching, sculptural installation and performance. Several of her works clearly turns the spotlight toward the viewer challenging his/her active, passive role when experiencing the work.bureaucrazyodun_rep_4maj