On Thursday Lilith opens Eden- The Pow(d)er of Fear, a hallucinatory new live performance work by the Finnish artist Henna-Rikka Halonen.



  • “At Eden we invent our stories and act our parts. We pretend to be happy or sad. To be in love, to break off, to have adventure, since nothing happens in our studies or our useless lives.”
    From L’Eden et Apres by Alain Robbe Grillet

    The new live performance Eden, The Pow(d)er of Fear takes place in a labyrinth like construct, in which the viewers are let in to wander freely.

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    På torsdag öppnar Lilith Eden, The Pow(d)er of Fear, ett hallucinatorisk nytt performanceverk av den finska konstnären Henna-Riikka Halonen

    Eden, The Pow(d)er of Fear äger rum i en komplex labyrintliknande konstruktion, där betraktarna vandrar fritt omkring och bygger sin egen kronologi.