”Som ompalompier – inte i en chokladfabrik, utan snarare i en Hieronymus Bosch-målning som Paul McCarthy klampat sönder med clownskor och försökt laga med gips och hönsnät.”

Tor Billgren / SYDSVENSKAN

Vi är mycket stolta över att kunna visa detta verk. Och mycket glada över fina recensioner.

Välkomna ikvälll, öppet 19-21 valfri entréavgift.

FAKE BONES rullar fram till lördag den 26 september.



Yesterday we had the first run through of the ten days long performance FAKE BONES!


For several weeks, OLTA and Leif have  on-site create an universe with common interests related to biology, shamanism, radioactive mutations, fantasies of the body, eating, dissolve the ego boundaries, bio-politics and an open eye for beauty and reproduction of weirdness, where Leif’s imagery is melted together with OLTA’s.

The visitors are invited to their organism in which Leif carefully disassembles several prams and cook them, fry, boil and bake them with more possible food. The pram food is served to the audience and to OLTA, that will build and improvise along with Holmstrand in a long fragmented collage like cycle where sound, voice and poetry becomes a central element.

In FAKE BONES, magic rituals around eating, physicality, birth and death are faked.
Ritual cooking, cooking shows, oracle activities and dissolution of both time and personality are faked in an ongoing process. Plastic bones, rawhide bones for dogs and boned strollers are present.




After weeks of preparation the studio is now transformed with FAKE BONES, Prams and a Giant Baby, among plenty.

OLTA and Leif Holmstrand has invaded the space with their artistry and created a common universe together.

Magic rituals around eating, physicality, birth and death will be faked.

The Performance opens next Thursday, SEPT 17th at 7 pm.
No booking is required, optional entrance paid at the door.

Before the performance Lilith invites you to an Artist Talk on September 15th at 7 pm – by Leif Holmstrand and the Japanese artist collective OLTA at Inter Arts Center in Malmo, Free Entrance. http://www.iac.lu.se/artist_talk

Warmly Welcome!