Such a beautiful, stunning opening last weekend of Lilith’s new performance ANIMAL by Elin Lundgren & Petter Pettersson in collaboration with star fab musician Cecilia Nordlund from Fullmånen från Helvetet!! 

It became so beautiful, magical, surreal, crazy, uncanny to see all audiences, participants and the band turning the reality and fiction up side down and inside out.

We are so PROUD of this ANIMAL!

Proud to be working with all 27 lovely participants and fabulous musician Cecilia Nordlund and her band – Fullmånen från Helvetet (Full Moon From Hell), who steps into a fictional band and rock this eternal rock club loop over and over again!

LOVE YOU ALL! Cecilia Nordlund, Åsa Gjerstad, Irma Svensson, Christine Owman, Selma Kjesen, Lo Pettersson Lundgren, Pether Lindgren, Jonas Ermegård, Giselle Alexandra Escobar Munnier, Kaisa Malmborg, Maximilian Ehrling, Joakim Carlson, Josephine Nemark, Julia Cechal, Adrian Kautsky, Alma Edvall Bons, Zandra Soli Liungman, Sara Tynell, Helena Ricci, Ella Harborg, Sam Atlagic, Ingrid Einarsson, Isa Liljegren, Cornelia Jörud Holst, Irene Stenberg, Erik Wall, Afsaneh Larsson, Cecilia Eriksson, Tomas Gilljam, Debora C Contador, Mats Henning, Elisabet Stengård, Vilija Židovainytė, Niklas Karlsson

We are on 16,17 och 24 MAY.  PAY -WHAT-YOU-WISH