Today it Opens, the UK premiere of Lilith’s participatory ENOUGH ABOUT YOU by the Israeli artist Einat Amir (ISR) launched by TRIAD Gallery London!

WE are very proud and thrilled!

”Calling all Londoners. It’s time to get up close and personal with a complete stranger in the Jerusalem-based artist’s participatory performance.
Amir will select pairs of strangers, to enter one of three cozy sound-proofed booths and converse for fifteen minutes as prompted by a pre-recorded conversational structure, while the remaining attendees watch the interaction in complete silence. Here, human behavior and the social constructs of relationships are put to the test.” Time Out London

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We are happy to announce that Lilith’s performance production from 2011, ”ENOUGH ABOUT YOU”
– a participatory performance by Einat Amir (ISR) will be shown in London next week!

For 8 days the performance will be shown in collaboration with TRIAD: Towards Regional Integration of Artistic Development!

Welcome! 10 – 18 Oct, 2015
at TRIAD Gallery 25-28 Field Street, London

Also, Lilith’s Artistic Director, Petter Pettersson, will take part in a panel discussion: Performance Art Practice in the 21st Century
11 October 2015, 2 – 4 pm

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