Lilith Performance Open Call for new major visual art performances | Lilith Performance Studio 2018 -2020

Lilith Performance Studio is now welcoming visual artists to apply to Lilith Commissions with a proposal of a new major performance work, which will be realized in Malmo, Sweden, during 2018-2020. 



Lilith Performance Studio is a non-profit arts organization and an independent arena for visual art performance. The Studio initiates new exceptional visual art performances by inviting visual artists from around the world, some of whom have never worked live before.

Each year, selected artists are given the unique opportunity to realize and present a new large-scale performance on site in the studio in Malmo or elsewhere in the city, in close collaboration with the studio.

The invited artists get a great chance to explore their own artistic expression and to work in a larger scale including all aspects in creating a new art work.
Lilith selects artists with a distinctively individual artistic mode of expression and integrity when it comes to idea as well as method, artists that also share an interest in exploring their own work in relation to the studio as an experimental site. The artists are encouraged to expand their artistic vision through the use of live performance, resulting in unique productions.

During a 4-8 weeks long production period in Malmo the artists are given the opportunity to focus on all the parts of a live piece: site, time, staging, participants and audience.

The selected artists to Lilith’s Commission program will receive significant financial and production support to experiment and realize innovative new works, in close collaboration with the studio from conceptualization to presentation.
Lilith Commission will include a budget for production, research and development, artist fee, accommodation and travel expenses.

Proposals should be new, innovative large-scale works, which respond to the idea of the studio as an experimental site, and the wish to expand the artistic vision.
Applicants will be judged on the groundbreaking nature of their idea and its potential for realisation.

Lilith Performance Studio opened in 2007 in Malmo, Sweden and has since the inception created 45 commissions, several curatorial collaborations, guest appearances and festivals.
As a production space and an arena for visual art performance, the studio is the first of its kind in the world.

View all performance works on Lilith’s website:

Who can apply? Artist from all over the world who already use live elements in their work and those who are experimenting with performance for the first time are welcome to apply.
We accept applications from emerging, mid-career and established artists working in the visual art field.

ApplicationALL submissions must be sent to:

Application must include:
1-2 proposals of new large-scale performance works.
Artist’s CV, biography and portfolio of their latest works.
Artist’s statement

OBS! No application form is needed just send in all material through e-mail. Please no phone calls, only e-mails.
Applications deadline: 1st of May 2017

NOTE: Lilith Performance Studio will contact the artist if the project is accepted for the next step in the application. If the artist does not get a reply in the end of August, the artist is not accepted to the next step.




Anna Natt
3 years ago · Reply


I would like to send in a proposal for the performance works open call and am wondering if information regarding a timeline or budget should be included?

Thank you!


    3 years ago · Reply

    Hello, no it is not necessary. Best Lilith

3 years ago · Reply


Will the applicants get an acknowledgement of receipt after sending their application?

Thank you very much,


    2 years ago · Reply

    we contact the once that are accepted in the end of August. If you don’t receive an e-mail by then you are not in the program. My very Best Elin / Lilith

3 years ago · Reply

When will the answers be given? We will know via e-mail if selected or not?
Thank you and good day!

    2 years ago · Reply

    we contact the once that are accepted in the end of August. If you don’t receive an e-mmail by the you are not in the program. My very Best Elin / Lilith

Khadija Baker
2 years ago · Reply

I have sent my application and still waiting for answers.
I see that we were suppose to get a confirmation email ? I never get one?

thanks and have a happy day

    2 years ago · Reply

    Hello. Only the ones that are selected to the program in the end of August will have a confirmation by email. If you don’t get one before the 1st of September you are not in the program. My very best Elin / Lilith


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