Lilith Performance Studio presents Lilith Performance Event 2011

  • Lilith Performance Studio presents Lilith Performance Event 2011

Lilith Performance Studio presents
Lilith Performance Event 2011


  • Lilith

    Date: May 27 & 28, 2011
    Duration 5 hours

    Performance Event 2011 – a performance event with seven extensive site-specific visual art performances by the artists: Yingmei Duan (CHN), Genevieve Belleveau (USA), Jannicke Låker (NOR), Cai Yuan (CHN), Morgan Schagerberg (SWE), Einat Amir (ISR) and Matti Kallioinen (SWE).

    For the first time Lilith Performance Studio creates Lilith Performance Event 2011 – an evening where several large-scale visual art performances will take room and space without compromising the artistic expression and the unique experience. During one night the audience gets the opportunity to experience seven performances by artists who previously created solo productions at Lilith Performance Studio. The event is assembled as a group exhibition in which a number of performances will go on parallel, and where visitors can wander in and out of different worlds, participating and observing, for 5 hours.


    Yingmei Duan (CHN)
    Happy Yingmei

    Duration: 5 hours
    Through a small doorway you step into Duan’s poetic wonderland, which is enacted in a forest glade were Duan is standing and handing out wishes and requests to the people.


    Gennevieve Belleveau (USA)
    gorgeousTaps and The Business of Pleasure: Disney Edition

    Duration: 20 minutes presented 8 times a night
    From a woman-size Polly Pocket a pop cult church service in Disney Style is held by gorgeousTaps accompanied by a 7- piece Man Choir.


    Jannicke Låker (NOR)

    Duration: 5 hours
    Hangover is an arranged situation that is inspired by an authentic incidence. The situation is taking place inside an old woman’s home. The woman is trying to sleep while the sound from the outside is breaking through.


    Cai Yuan (CHN)
    Two Dead Artists

    Duration: 5 hours
    During five hours the visitors can go inside a mausoleum, one by one, and bring offerings to pay tribute to the two artists that are lie on lit the parade.


    Morgan Schagerberg (SWE)
    Konservburksdjungeln (The Tin Jungle)

    Duration: 5 hours
    Inside a six-meter high rock crystal a scene is taking place, like a film clip constantly repeated. A woman is trying to teach a man the thing he wishes to master – to sing. The man’s failure is repeated again and again in a loop that never ends.


    Einat Amir (ISR)
    Enough About You

    Duration: 5 hours
    Inside a white room a sensuous venue and an observatory is created for physical encounters, which is controlled by a predetermined template.


    Matti Kallioinen (SWE)
    Headsynth and Gravity Harp

    Duration: 30 minutes
    A heightened trans-like space experience in the form of a concert. Kallioinen plays on two self-invented electronic instruments that transform his head to a sound and image synthesizer.

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