Monthly Archives : December 2016

Finally tonight Lundgren and Pettersson’s new performance, created at site, “Miracle Line” will come alive at the international performance Event” Undisclosed Territory #10.

Exciting to see our lovely participators give all they got:)

Miracle Line is based on the ideas of achievements, ritual entertainment and anticipation.
Inspired by old-time circus, Lundgren and Pettersson present simple stage presentations, with help from twentyfive actors.
Horns, flags, voices and movements are used like sculptural ready-mades and form a self-playing slapstick sculpture.


Today we go for it with our lovely new Indonesian friends -The Harmonica Boy and the Island – Rock on in Solo Surakarta!!!

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Yesterday at Faculty of Art and Design, University of Maret Surakarta, artist talk about Elin Lundgren and Petter Pettersson’s artistry, nice banderol and a souvenir/ present from the faculty:)
Nice meetings, orginazied by Studio Plesungan in connection with the international performance Event – Undisclosed Territory #10.