Let us introduce♥ Helena Olsson ♥ one of five artists in Five Corners!

Helena Olsson works mainly with moving images based on the idea that the work’s issue and its form should follow each other. In recent years, she has worked with the aesthetics and language of the documentary film, which often takes on the role as the truth bearer, and then mixes authentic material with stagings to create uncertainty in the viewer.

Helena will show Time Waste in Five Corners at Lilith!

The performance Time Waste is based on a previous video work by Helena Olsson. Here we see a cleaning choreography with three dancers in a copy of a full-scale model from a research project on how to build more easily cleaned bathrooms. The dancers’ movements are based on the photographs of cleaning from trial subjects that are in the dissertation.

Dancers in the piece: Olivia Klang, Corrado Di Lorenzo, Daniel Jeremiah Persson

Helena Olsson was born in 1982 in Ängelholm and lives in Yngsjö, and was educated at Malmö Art Academy. https://helenapetronella.se


The invited artists to Five Corners are ~
Kasra Alikhani, Farvash, Elin Maria Johansson, Helena Olsson and Cecilia Sterner
Five Corners is a generous display of performance art, where you as a visitor can walk freely and experience several works during the same evening.

To Five Corners, we have invited five artists whose performance practice in an exploratory and personal way reflects different approaches to the art form. What binds them together is a tangible courage to move boundaries and a common interest in who you are as an observer. All five works are displayed simultaneously for two hours in the same architectural form, a corner, a room or a stage if you wish

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