NO FATE by Emma Pilipon, 2010

💙Sweet December Memory from 2010 💜

NO FATE by fab artist Emma Pilipon @emmapilipon

4 rooms cut in half in a line, 4 actresses are performing a short course of event in their daily lifes over and over again.

No Fate is Emma Pilipon’s own mainstream world, filled with dreams, vanity and self-fulfillment, distilled out of the American pop culture. In four rooms side by side: a TV –studio, a teenage room, a brat apartment, and a bar, the audience observes four parallel stories performed by four women, who are all waiting for, longing for, or actively is trying to reach something better. The women repeats a short course of event over and over again, like favorite film clips taken from TV- series or easily digested Hollywood productions.

Actors: Emma Pilipon, Louise Mullavey @lulu.mushroom , Selma Kjellsson @__selmak__ , @poneli Helena Pataki

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December Memory – ”Christmas Crib” of the year in the News 2007 – the first year of Lilith’s existence!
”Lilith has given Malmö’s art life a new dimension. Next year can be as exciting as can be. ”
wrote Dan Jönsson in the Swedish National Newspaper DN (2007) about Lilith’s Commission Performance –  Perception of Patterns in Timeless Influence by the Star Indonesian artist Melati Suryodarmo accompanied by the opera singer Angelica Larsson Asp and the violinist David Hovstadius and 7 white rabbits!
Melati was locked inside a large tableau vivant for 5 hours, moving slowly in silence, the rabbits contrasted her with their fast moving jumps and unpredictable movements and acting.

Can you cross Peter Rabbit and Caravaggio? 

The answer was given by the Indonesian artist Melati Suryodarmo in a performance at Lilith in Malmö last weekend. Wrapped in a blood-red veil, a dark Madonna sat on a bed of grass, surrounded by seven frisky, white rodents. 

Five hours of devout silence, which was broken from time to time by an opera singer who performed a piece from the Passion of Matthew in front of the sad, longing glances from inside the cage of glass. An unusual experience: both absurd and touching. What on the surface resembled a baroque painting soon brought to mind Joseph Beuy’s ritual company with a coyote for a day in New York. But in Malmo, the American coyote became a small white rabbit. 

Lilith has given Malmö’s art life a new dimension. Next year can be as exciting as can be. 

Dan Jönsson

PUBLISHED 2007-12-22
PUBLICERADES I DN Kultur 2007-12-22
Kan man korsa Pelle Kanin och Caravaggio?
Svaret gav den indonesiska konstnären Melati Suryodarmo i en performance på Lilith i Malmö förra helgen. Svept i ett blodrött skynke satt en mörk madonna på en bädd av gräs, omgiven av sju ystra, vita gnagare. Fem timmars andäktig stillhet, som bröts då och då av en operasångerska som framförde ett stycke ur Matteuspassionen inför de sorgsna, längtansfulla blickarna inifrån buren av glas.
En ovanlig upplevelse: både absurd och gripande. Vad som på ytan liknade en barockmålning ledde strax tankarna till Joseph Beuys rituella umgänge med en coyote ett dygn i New York. Fast i Skåne fick den amerikanska prärievargen bli en liten vid kanin.
Lilith har gett Malmös konstliv en ny dimension. Nästa år kan bli hur spännande som helst.
Dan Jönsson