Bit by bit the studio is now getting closer to the opening of Lilith s new produced work – PLÄSNET DSCHÖRNIE – NEW MOVES – the total performance by Ethan Hayes- Chute.

We are so Excited. Millions of details are put inside this built universe of this special Moving Company.

Don’t miss the dates: 22, 23, 28, 29, 30 Nov 5, 6, 7 Dec.

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A headquarters are built up, populated by loading docks, transport trucks and numerous employees fulfilling various important roles backed by solid experience.

Yet we do not know why, where, or when this moving company exists, or how it came to be. The company acts more as a state of mind than a physical space with its geographical location and customers being disconnected from a reality we can access.

Visitors are welcome to go in and view logical processes and absurd happenings that make up a regular day of operations. Feel free to move freely according to certain guidelines and protocols and stay as long as you wish.

Pläsnt Dschörnie – New Moves is the largest activation of a space made by the artist thus far, where traces of past activities are abundant, while new marks and trails are continually laid into place.

Ethan Hayes-Chute (b. 1982, Freeport, Maine) often explores vernacular approaches to everyday life. As a start of a new work, he goes through a role-playing process to determine the facts and figures behind the characters whose spaces he envisions. His main focus revolves around self-sufficiency, do-it-yourself mentality and human problem-solving capacities. He often creates spaces that lean towards the domestic realm that manifest in fragments, sections or fully enclosed variations. These environments are dressed with everyday objects that appear as if only momentarily vacated by their unseen inhabitants, their traces apparent on every surface.

TAKE A LOOK INTO ETHAN’S WAY OF WORKING WHEN HE IS INSTALLING THE SITE SPECIFIC INSTALLATION at MIT List Visual Arts Center is a ”basement-like space, a kind of workshop slash storage slash rumpus room.”
In this video, he creates the rustic and retro-futuristic space using found materials, and talks about his practical usage of near-obsolete computers, his woodworking show The New Domestic Workshop, and his absurdist line of beauty and food products.

List Projects: Ethan Hayes-Chute from Sue Ding on Vimeo.

All ready 4 years ago for this magic shamanistic ritual-like loop Lilith Commission – that took us all into a mind-blowing ride of the abstract and fragmented.

A beautiful, scary, fleshy memory! 



FAKE BONES – a ten day long performance by the Japanese artist collective
OLTA  & the Swedish artist and poet Leif Holmstrand 
Date: 17:e – 26:e September, 2015
In FAKE BONES, magic rituals around eating, physicality, birth and death were faked.
Ritual cooking, cooking shows, oracle activities and dissolution of both time and personality were faked in an ongoing process. Plastic bones, rawhide bones for dogs and boned strollers were present.
For severalweeks, they were on-site created an universe with their common interests related to biology, shamanism, radioactive mutations, fantasies of the body, eating, dissolve the ego boundaries, biopolitics and an open eye for beauty and reproduction of weirdness, where Leif’s imagery was melted together with OLTA’s.

The visitors stepped  into to their organism in which Leif carefully disassembled several prams and cooked them, fried, boiled and baked them with more possible food. The pram food was served to the audience and to OLTA, that builded and improvised along with Holmstrand in a long fragmented collage like cycle where sound, voice and poetry became a central element.