The ladies from Iceland have invaded the studio with their spirits and mind and are creating an unique celebration fro the unborn and the unknown.

This will be the finale of Lilith’s long celebration of its 10 years as a performance studio. It has been a blast, a joy a ride.


Tomorrow we open and it is fully booked all the performances on the 14th -16th.


See you again next year!










Thank you all for coming last weekend to our third Performance dinner Kalo Kalo!

What a blast and a spinning experience!

Enjoy a very well written review in Sydsvenskan of Liliths  Kalo Kalo by star Odun Orimolade and a great interview in

Not everyday the reviewer gets mummified and likes it!

“Thomas Millroth: I became a voluntary mummy
Odun Orimolade creates various games with herself as cheating playmaker. Thomas Millroth gets into the play – and allow himself to be turned into mummy.”
“I became a volunteer mummy. The venue of the games moved from the room into my own body and mind when I was wrapped with tight fabric strips.
Could not move, saw nothing, the balance unstable, rocking. I felt hands lay me down on the floor, feet bounced around me, my body lifted to the wobbly upright
Normally a horror experience, now I was emptied, zeroed and surprised. “

“The meaning of the seemingly meaningless is an artistic challenge, which Orimolade fixed with a superb sense of timing,
and by using humor to override all the rules we are used to.

When finally the lights went out, it felt solemn, for this was an unusual evening with absurd moments and thoughtful surprises.With an irresistible slow performance Orimolade sucked me into another world.”


Thomas Millroth – Sydsvenskan

“The politics of the hostess” Interview 25 nov 2017 by Matthias Hvass Borello /

“It always depends on hierarchies and a special goal that you’ve as a host by gather people. And that’s what I’m trying to make clear. None of us, nor I or the audience, are in total control. It is about the policy of the situation and a combination where I try to get an engagement released” the artist explains.

“That’s what I love by art. This feeling of: Okay, now we are in this situation along with all that it implies, “Elin Lundgren summons, who has been running Lilith Performance Studio with her partner Petter Petterson since 2007.
“I see this work as a very basic study of what a dinner is, why we are together and what to expect when it happens.
It’s all unpredictable because everyone gets so involved in the piece. In this connection, the work is also very much about the prejudices that may be in relation to African culture. “

“This is a situation where I try to fool you to let go of things that you normally don’t want to do. Normally, I would make myself vulnerable by investing myself in a hope to get something specific from you, but in this statement it is more orchestrated, but I still need guest response and commitment and they will be both homage and lose large. It will be constantly flowing because we always try to fit in – confirm our position to survive. You do not own anything in this circumstance, because it will always change, “Odun Orimolade expands.

“And when you accept an invitation, you agree to fit yourself to some extent under the intention and power of others,” points out Elin Lundgren and supplemented by Petter Petterson:
“Right now we do not know if people will be happy or angry when they go. It may be quite emotional. “

What an opening last Night!

YOU ARE INVITED – Kalo Kalo hit the wheel and gamble in to the night!
Happy happy! Thank you lovely wonderful participants, fab Odun Orimolade and all of you that came and took part <3
Love in the air.
On it again tonight! Only two more times to be in this extraordinary performance!


Two amazing tryouts of Lilith’s third perforrmance dinner – Kalo Kalo by Odun Orimolade

Kale Kalo iOS included in Lilith’s tenth anniversary series  entitled YOU ARE INVITED that are run from September – December this fall!

Have a peak.

Thrilling and nervous feelin. 

Thursday it OPENS!






I DN igår om Lilith och Gatewy och Orient Express, Yourself! KUL!

“Som vanligt är det genomarbetat och storslaget. Under sina tio år har Lilith etablerat ett unikt svenskt konstrum där performancegenren fått växa både i storlek och betydelse.

Även om omfångsrika produktioner inte är något nytt i sig har villkoren inom performance länge varit sådana att de favoriserat snabba och improviserade happenings. Inget ont i dem, men Lilith har visat att performancekonst är mer än så. Med sin institutionella plattform har de produktionsmässigt, men framför allt publikt skapat förutsättningar för att ta den till en ny nivå. Där andra sedan kunnat följa efter.”

Dan Jönsson DN

In the newspaper yesterday about Lilith, The gateway and Orient Express, Yourself! GREAT!

” Sometimes you’re lucky. Apparently, our spacecraft has fallen off course and we have landed on an unknown, dark planet where the queen and her cloned satellites invite to a party with bubbles in neon-blinking glasses and some kind of space-tapas,

ingeniously sereved as molecular models. They shine like gems but taste surprisingly similar to our own chocolate balls, grapes and petits chouxes.


Lilith Performance Studio in Malmö turns ten years and celebrates during this fall with a whole series of imaginative parties. Myriam Laplantes extraterrestrial cocktail party last weekend was the second in the series, an odd mix of new- spiritual science fiction and playful Halloween party where it struck garish, ironic sparks between the props colliding symbols. Zombies and caramel colors. Smoke machine and cookies.


As usual, it is well-worked and magnificent. During its ten years, Lilith has established a unique Swedish art space where the gengre of performance been allowed to grown both in size and importance.


Although extensive productions are not new in themselves, the terms of performance have long been such that they favored fast and improvised happenings. No bad in that, but Lilith has shown that performance art is more than that. With its institutional platform, they have productionwise, but above all, audiencewise created conditions for bringing it to a new level. Where others could follow.


There is a built-in contradiction in the institutional experiment that Lilith has become increasingly skilled in dealing with. The artistic chances of rapid production meet the audience’s expectations in a way that makes uncertainty an asset. Some become pure magic, some fall flat to the ground, and rarely there is any space in between.


In short, it is a risky venture, which as Laplante, try to balance the moods of the novelty space story and the yawning of children in the same work. If that succeeds depends largely on the audience.


The performances in the autumn series “You are Invited” are made by all artists who have been in the past. Myriam Laplante was introduced in 2013 with a deep-psychological maze where surveillance cameras acted as a connecting metaphor.


Dafna Maimon, who started the fall, stood last year for one of Lilith’s more unforgettable productions, the Sleeping beauty –like “Modern Lives” with somnambulist-like

actors in a spooky century-shifted environment. Her performance now in September was a reconstruction of Finland’s first falafel kiosk, where the food was paid by the audience responding to strained questions about their growth and did not have the same energy at all.


But here, such distinctions are not as important. For the faithful audience, it is exciting to follow how Maimon is looking for inspiration in her personal history – the falafel place in Helsinki was run by her dad, while the characters in “Modern Lives” were based on a figure her mother created.


What Lilith offers is a scene for experiments where the audience is included as an obvious part of the trial process. It’s a luxury to be a part. As I said, sometimes you are lucky.”

written by Dan Jönsoon / DN

The Gateway is a most interesting and wonderful strange sci-fi dinner to be a guest in, where you switch between feeling strange and welcome.” – – Mette Garfield

HAPPY to read about Lilith’s second performance dinner – YOU ARE INVITED – The Gateway by Myriam Laplante Oct 12-14 in

Til disco-sci-fi-middag

The Canadian artist Myriam Laplante invited  us to a strange, futuristic performance dinner at Lilith Performance Studio in Malmo on the occasion of Lilith’s 10th anniversary:

Time is another. Or at least difficult to suggest in the Canadian artist Myriam Laplantes performance installation The Gateway at Lilith Performance Studio in Malmo. There is a large digital clock on the wall. It counts up or down after our known seconds, but the numbers do not match our schedule: 27:35:40.

The room is dark, but rather lit by several lamps with multicolored lights in the attic. At one end of the room are a number of strange creatures on a scene; they may not be less like the Norwegian artist Tori Wråné’s troll characters or space workers from the Star Trek series. The beings are completely masked and are in a way recognizable and at the same time not at all. At the other end of the room is another strange creature. Raised as on throne. She welcomes you with phrases that might come from popular sci-fi movies or series? The scene where space workers meet people.

A significant place for performing arts
Lilith Performance Studio in Malmö is a great place that can produce performances under proper terms for the artists. The place is one of the few in the world that has performance art and theater as the only main priority. Here, performance art is treated with care and not just an exciting, bodily live feature for a fernization. National and international performance artists will be able to experiment with Lilith Performance Studio, as well as the artists have longer production runs, reminiscent of the test runs at a theater. In addition, the site has potential for producing large scale performance pieces. The place is therefore very important and distinctive for the performance scene in the Nordic region and the rest of the world.

Ritual snacks
Laplantes’s work therefore also develops into a form of ritual. The masked creatures go slowly in rows around us, the audience. It’s hard to know where to stand and go how to act. They do not really look at us and sneak in between us, from behind or from the side. Suddenly they only stand there.

The lights in the ceiling are lowered, and the creatures carry them serially around the room on pillows, which were the irreplaceable, very valuable items. Later they come in with slices of food that are put on the tables in the room. The food is colored, strange, it is at once different and recognizable. It also turns out to be mozzarella cheese, biscuits, common recipe snacks. Then the creatures come in with flashing glass that would make any discofest honor. Then the disk is up for sci-fi anniversary dinner!

Inner demons or societal references
The Sci-Fi performance dinner of Laplante is image-saturated and tempting just to look beyond being strange to move around. It’s hard to navigate and know how to deal with space creatures. You get alienated, but the work does not get really uncomfortable. We all know the frame as a dinner and we are invited.

The work is melancholy, as the creatures seem so sad, but at the same time The Gateway seems cynical because they are not communicating with. The creatures are cold. Of course, the work, as science fiction often does, refers critically to our society, where one can also feel strangers to each other and unable to act and communicate. Or the creatures may be the expression of our inner, sad demons or suspicions of human sadness. Unfortunately, The Gateway is characterized by a few clichés, and it might have been interesting with more interaction, as it is hard to hear the woman’s important ending replay at all, but in addition, The Gateway is a most interesting and wonderful strange sci-fi dinner to Be a guest, where you switch between feeling strange and welcome.

The performance series You are invited to Lilith Performance Studio on the occasion of Lilith’s  10th anniversary


Written by: Mette Garfield /




Biljetter till performancemiddag nr 3 – YOU ARE INVITED – Kalo Kalo av Odun Orimolade (NIG) 24 -25 nov, släpps på måndag den 23:e oktober!
Tickets to the third performance dinner YOU ARE INVITED – Kalo Kalo by Odun Orimolade (NIG) 24 -25 of Nov, will be released on Monday the 23rd of October


An entity from a parallel universe – First Try out yesterday!
DREAM TEAM for real <3
The Gateway by the Queen Myriam Laplante opens on Thursday 12th – Warmly Welcome to another sphere!

Men du bör boka. Bäst via sms på 0768112616

PAY _WHAT_YOU_WISH but best to book in advance, send a text to 0768112616

Fint inslag om Lilith 10 år på Kulturnyheterna!!!
Swedish Television about Lilith 10 years, fun! ENJOY!

Kulturnyheterna – Mån 2 okt 21.39 i SVT Play 

Och längre inslag i Lokala Nyheter Skåne.

Tio år av performance – Lilith i Malmö jubilerar i SVT Play–lilith-i-malmo-jubilerar?cmpid=del:em:20171005:tio-ar-av-performance–lilith-i-malmo-jubilerar:pla:lp




Such a great review in the newspaper – Sydsvenskan – published the 23rd of September!

And also in Kristianstadsbladet

Falafel have never tasted so GOOD!”

“Det finns en alldeles särskild humor och skärpa i Maimons kärleksfullt iscensatta falafelbar, som formar sig till en lika givande som prövande erfarenhet.”

“Så tillhör förmågan att locka och pocka människor att lämna sin bekvämlighetszon Liliths stående specialiteter. Också denna gång lyckas de suveränt med att skapa det drömskt surrealistiska tillstånd där allt tycks möjligt”

Carolina Söderholm Sydsvenskan


“There is a very special sense of humor and sharpness in Maimo’s lovingly staged falafelbarbar, which forms as  rewarding as an testing experience.”

“It belongs to the ability to entice and encourage people to leave their comfort zone, Lilith’s standing specialties. Also this time, they succeed in creating the dreamy surrealist state where everything seems possible”

Carolina Söderholm Sydsvenskan