Two of Lilith Commissions from 2017 is now on view at Donau Festival in Austria and at Kim? Contemporary Art Centre in Riga


Passing Through Metal by Oreet Ashery
Donaufestival, Austria
May 5-6, 2018

Lilith’s Commission Passing through Metal by Oreet Ashery was shown at Lilith in April 2017.
In Passing through Metal forty local knitters and the Doom / Sludge Metal band Pyramido unite in an apocalyptic performance.

Now it  Passing through Metal will have its  Austrian Premiere as a part of the Donau Festival on May 5-6.

“These noises simply don’t belong together: The metallic rain generated by the electrically amplified needles of 40-odd knitters from the Krems area incessantly bombards the audience, who are invited to pass through this social plastic. The contingent sound of handcraft competes with the sonic walls of the post-punk band Friends of Gas, who are cooperating here for the first time with Oreet Ashery, the artist behind Passing through Metals. Ashery – who won the 2017 Derek Jarman Award for her web series Revisiting Genesis about death, its administration, and its exploitation in the digital realm – also views the undermining of social security and the erosion of the welfare state as a form of death. Passing through Metals literally knits together the attested, self-sufficient placidity of textile work with unexpected outbursts of fierce, demanding music. According to Ashery, it creates an experience of “collective uncertainty and a foreboding sense of the ephemeral”.

Live act: Friends of Gas
Knitters: woll.werk
Wool: Mealana / Lana Grossa
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View the Video Documentation of Passing through Metal at Lilith 2017

YOU ARE INVITED – Orient Express Yourself by Dafna Maimon
Kim? Contemporary Art Centre in Riga,
20th April – 20th May, 2018

In the fall of 2017 and spring 2018 Orient Express has continued in a new forms as exhibition and performance; After Hours at Galerie Wedding, Berlin; Family Business at SIC Helsinki and now the last version “FAMILY BUSINESS: POWER FAILURE”  at Kim? Contemporary Art Centre in Riga, opening date 20 April, 2018

“FAMILY BUSINESS: POWER FAILURE” is the last part in a series of exhibitions and performances inspired by autobiographical and micro historical research into a family-owned business – Finland’s first kebab and falafel restaurant “Orient Express”, opened by the artist’s Israeli father in 1985. Located in the “Forum” shopping mall in Helsinki city centre, the restaurant introduced Finns to the delicacies of the Middle East.

The restaurant was first reconstructed in Lilith Performance Studio as the performance Orient Express Yourself,
where it was equipped with a functioning kitchen, complete with trained “restaurant workers” whose task was to sell falafel in exchange for the audience’s own words.
The customers paid prices ranging from 15 to 299 words, and answered questions relating to memories of family and gender roles, as well as the effects of destructive patriarchal structures.

In Galerie Wedding, the installation functioned as a ghostly memory of the long-gone restaurant.
Falafels were sold to the audience only at the opening, where the word-payment was recorded into an old tape recorder.
For the finnissage the restaurant catered to people again with the performance After Hours.
Maimon scripted an absurd movement score, based on restaurant chores a worker performs when closing up for the night.
One chore was to count the takings; the words collected at the opening were played back within the performance as further fragmented memories to a new audience.
The third stop for the restaurant Orient Express was a return to Helsinki, Finland at SIC Space, 33 years after its initial opening, as the exhibition Family Business. The mutation of the restaurant served falafel cooked and sold by the artist’s actual family members – her siblings.

The last stop the restaurant branched out to Kim? Contemporary Art Center in Riga, opened on the 20 April 2018, in yet a new mutation as a performative space where collected local memories have been transformed into a script.

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View the Documentation of Orient Express, Yourself at Lilith in Sept 2017.